An Introduction to the Survey of Tytherington Manor  1684


Transcript of Survey


Recently an exciting discovery was made of an extremely old manuscript relating to Tytherington which was very magnanimously purchased by a local couple in the village.  It portrays a very detailed picture of the village and its inhabitants in the late 17th Century.

 In all it is 83 pages of contemporary full vellum in a leather binding entitled "Survey of Tytherington 1684" by John Bromwich, giving a list of freeholders and details of their lands, also: "Tenants by Indenture"; "Land in Tytherington being in present possession of ye Lord or his Tenants att Rack-rents"; The Bounds & Limits of the Manor and Parish ... beginning at ye Gate called Grovend Gate on ye Westward part of the said manor & parish as the same was perambulated by Thomas Birt Clerke minister of the said parish and ye several Jurors of ye Court and other inhabitants of ye s'd Parish xxiii day of May Ano D'ni 1684".The manuscript also includes "A monthly Rate for the Relief of the Poore of the Parish, 1693" in a 2 page folio. 

Commencing at the other end of the volume are various Court precedents, licenses, recognizances, warrants, etc. for the use of Gloucestershire parishes, eg. "Of Ale houses etc. A licence to keepe an Alehouse with Articles.  Articles to be observed and kept by A.B. admitted to keep a common Alehouse or victualling house in his own dwelling house in C in the county of Gloucs. as follows, viz ...... if he heare of any Robbery or any other heinous offence committed against ye peace ... ... he shall certify to ye Constables... ... such persons as lodged at his house within two days before or after such robbery ... ... Also he shall not use or keep, nor suffer to be used or kept any Carding, Dice, Bowling or any other unlawful Game ... ... Also he shall not permit any person or persons to continue drinking or remaine tipling ... ...Also he shall keep one or more beds in his house as also man's meat & horse meat ... ... conveniently furnished to lodge any wayfaring Man or Traveller ... ... Lastly he shall not utter or sell less than one full Ale quart of ye best beer or ale for one Peny ... ... & shall have in his house Beer & Ale of both sorts & also bread for ye Poor and such others as will buy ye same ... ... 1697".

Together with much else under various headings, eg. "Bastards. A warrant where a Maid Servant is got with Child from thence sent to her place of birth.". "An order for ye reputed father of a Bastard Child to discharge the Parish & to send mother to ye house of Correction".  Also includes warrants concerning constables, stealing deer, for drunkeness, for the apprehension of felons, Hue & Cry, for profane swearing, passes for vagrants, riots, house of correction, buyers of stolen wood, buying wool, prisoners, overseers, good behaviour etc. etc.

To the right and below are photographs of the manuscript.  A transcript of the front half of the survey can be found here.  Should you wish to view the actual document contact with the owners can be made at this address:-